Vivo TWS 2 ANC earbuds review

The only thing the Vivo TWS 2 ANC have going for them is the battery life and nothing else. Sound signatures are disappointing

There has been a flood of wireless earphones in the market. All the major brands have been launching their earbuds and making a foray into the space. Although Vivo had introduced their buds two years ago, they have recently launched a new iteration with ANC feature. The TWS 2 ANC are not the only ones with active noise cancellation, they are tracking to create a niche in the market, which has few players.

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  • Design

The company has kept to the design, with a few changes. The Apple-like plasticky-end has given way for buds which are replaceable and more customisable. The feature does help with better fit, but the buds are still bulky in design and too visible for my taste. The box has the same curvy edges. Although one would have liked to see a sleeker design, even at this size it does not seem too much of a burden. The plastic feel is better than competitors certainly.

  • Sound

Given the price range, the Vivo buds are a disappointment in this category. The sound signatures were poor across when compared to others. The volume levels were low. At highs, there is a lot of throttling, and the lows are not audible at all. I could not hear the starting of Kygo’s “Firestone”. The bass was very low. In mid-frequencies, the earphones performed better. The ANC did create a vacuum but did not work as well as you would expect the ANC to work. There was a lot of pass-through. The mic’s weren’t as good either, as there was a lot of ambient noise that they captured.

  • Connectivity and battery

The Bluetooth range is not an issue, but even with Vivo phones there was a lag in connectivity. The earphones would falter often, not connecting to the phone immediately. The earphones would work well for 4–5 hours, but wearability is an issue. The company promises over a day’s battery life, but the actual situation may be much lower.

  • Price

At Rs 5,999, Vivo TWC ANC 2 are a tad bit expensive for what they bring to the table. Vivo is still far from perfection when it comes to developing the perfect buds.



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