How are retailers shifting strategies to cope with the third Covid wave?

The country is in the grip of third wave of Covid-19. Retail businesses now know what to do and what not to. And those dealing in them are now adopting different strategies. This report finds out more

The abject reality is sinking in slowly. We are in the throes of a third wave of Covid-19. The season of curfews and lockdowns is upon us, again, halting the country’s economic recovery. Unemployment rate is at a four-month high, retail inflation at a five-month high, and consumer sentiments are again on the downward trajectory.

So, given the return of the virus and the fall in discretionary spending as evident in the Index of Consumer Sentiments, it is worth looking at the outlook for India’s retail sector.

With weekend curfews failing to rein in the surge in Covid infections, there are murmurs of a complete lockdown in some parts of the…read more



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