A booster dose of Covid-vaccine

The government recently rolled out a booster or the precautionary dose of the Covid-19 vaccine for citizens with comorbidities. Frontline workers are getting the third shot. This report tells us about the dose

Most of us got our second and last jab months ago. Experts say that the immunity offered by Covid-19 vaccines wanes with the passage of time. So, as the third wave is threatening to take the world into its grip again, nations are mulling administering a third dose to its vulnerable population.

And India, which on Tuesday logged 1.68 lakh new Covid-19 cases and 277 deaths, has started vaccinating its population which is above 60 years of age and has comorbidities.

Track coronavirus footprint across the world

The booster shot is no different from the earlier doses which we had. It elicits an immune response from our…read more



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